It’s the 2018 Comet TV Holiday Gift Guide!
It’s the 2018 Comet TV Holiday Gift Guide!


The holidays are here, and we all know it’s the most stressful time of year. Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be quite the difficult task, but COMET is here to help. We’ve scoured the web and come up with a collection of gifts for all the retro sci-fi nerds out there, so take a look below to find the perfect present for the COMET fan in your life.


Star Trek Bluetooth ComBadge


Talking on the phone is so 21st century, so why not upgrade your experience with this working ComBadge like the ones seen on The Next Generation?

$69.99 at Think Geek


Godzilla Pizza Cutter

godzilla pizza

Destroy all pizzas with this powerful slicer fashioned after your favorite Kaiju.

$13.99 at Toy Wiz


Stargate Goa’uld Coffee Mug

goauld mug

Let the world know to steer clear of your parasitic self with this mug, part of Stargate Command’s brand new line of merchandise.

$17.95 at the MGM Store


Aliens Xenomorph Egg Carton

xenomorph eggs

Make your next omelette extra memorable.

$59.99 at Toy Wiz


RoboCop ED-209 Replica Action Figure

ed 209

The future of law enforcement can now be yours — but use at your own risk.

$99.99 at Toy Wiz


Elvira Breakfast Cereal

elvira cereal

Have a bowl of this sweet treat the next time you’re watching an old horror movie on COMET.

$27.99 at Toy Wiz


The X-Files Fleece Blanket

x files blanket

Snuggle up with Mulder and Scully while seeking out the truth from your couch.

$31.75 at Nerd Kung Fu


Talking Chucky Doll

chucky doll

Just keep telling yourself it’s only a doll.

$69.99 at Spencer’s


MST3K Robot Figurines

crow robot

Pick up your own robot sidekicks to keep you company during your next COMET movie marathon.

$19.99 each at Toy Wiz


Star Wars Scented Candles

star wars candles

Ever wonder what the inside of a Tauntaun smells like? Well, get ready to find out.

Starting at $36.99 for a set of five at Merchoid


Space: 1999 Retro Action Figures

space 1999 figure

These figures will take you to the moon — and then blasting across the galaxy on said moon.

$19.99 each at Toy Wiz


MGM Midnite Movie DVD Collections

midnite movies

Take home some of your COMET favorites to own forever.

Prices and collections vary at Amazon



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