The Internet Thinks Godzilla Is Behind the Disappearance of a Japanese Island
The Internet Thinks Godzilla Is Behind the Disappearance of a Japanese Island


An island off the coast of Japan has mysteriously vanished, and we’re pretty sure we know why: Godzilla.


At least that’s the favorite theory of the internet, as most are unsure as to the real reason why the uninhabited island of Esanbehanakitakojima has seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth. The island, located about a half-mile from the village of Sarufutsu, was previously visible from land, but now can not be spotted anywhere, according to Its location had been used to mark the nation’s waters in the contested Northern Territories, which are also claimed by Russia, making its disappearance pretty significant for the region. So what’s behind its disappearance? That’s where Godzilla comes in.


Twitter lit up last week with fans poking fun at the islet’s disappearance, and claiming the King of all Kaiju was behind the mystery. “There’s only reason an island in Tokyo (sic) disappears,” one fan tweeted alongside a gif of Godzilla doing a celebratory dance.



Another blamed both Godzilla and his fellow Kaiju, Anguirus, stating the two fell into the ocean during a spirited game of badminton (of all things).



But not everyone is convinced Godzilla was behind the disappearance, as this movie fan offers up a different explanation:



Whether it’s Godzilla, Gru, or natural causes to blame for the island’s disappearance, Japan is hoping it resurfaces soon, otherwise the nation stands to lose 500 meters of its territorial waters.


Image courtesy of Toho Studios


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