Here’s Your First Look At Chucky from the ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot
Here’s Your First Look At Chucky from the ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot


The upcoming Child’s Play reboot will be here before you know it, and to prove it, MGM and Orion Pictures have just released the first image of the new Chucky doll.


Since this film is a reboot, it makes sense to alter the looks of the iconic killer toy, but the studio wisely didn’t throw out the baby with the bath water. The new Chucky still looks mostly like the original, but he’s slightly more lifelike and less cartoonish-looking. After so many comical sequels, the original Chucky doesn’t have the same creepy cachet he once did and is now viewed as more of a joke, but this new Chucky looks like he has the potential to put some horror back into the franchise. Check out the image below for your first official look at him.


new chucky


Now, for comparative purposes, here’s the old Chucky:


old chucky


The most notable difference between the old and new Chuckys is in the eyes. The peepers of the new doll are considerably bigger, and his eyebrows are much thicker (the old one looks like he seriously over-tweezed). This adds up to a doll that’s more hauntingly lifelike and cuter than the original, which will probably make him creepier, too, once he turns evil.


The Child’s Play reboot is directed by Polaroid helmer Lars Klevberg off a script by Kung Fury writer Tyler Burton Smith. It follows the same plot as the original, with Legion star Aubrey Plaza as the single mother who gives her son (Lights Out‘s Gabriel Bateman) a doll that ends up being possessed by a serial killer. Atlanta scene-stealer Brian Tyree Henry will portray a detective investigating the trail of corpses related to the doll. No word yet on when the film will be released, but we’re definitely looking forward to this play date.


Images courtesy of MGM/Orion Pictures