‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ May Be Returning With New Films & a TV Series
‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ May Be Returning With New Films & a TV Series


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has never really gone away. There was the 1974 original film from the late, great Tobe Hooper. That was followed by three sequels in the ’80s and ’90s. Then there was the 2003 reboot and its 2006 prequel, followed by another reboot in 2013 that was intended as a direct sequel to the original. And finally, just last year, there was Leatherface, which was intended as a prequel to the original film. So even though the franchise never technically went anywhere, it looks like it’s about to come back bigger than it’s ever been before.


According to Bloody Disgusting, the rights to the franchise are currently on the move (again), and it appears that Legendary Pictures could end up snagging them. If that happens, the site claims Legendary’s intention is to not only craft more Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, but also produce a new TV series based on the original film. This should be viewed as good news for Chainsaw fans who’ve grown tired of the poor quality of the franchise’s recent output (Leatherface made under one million dollars at the box office) and are looking for a return to glory, since Legendary has shown a knack for revitalizing seemingly spent genre fare like Batman (the Dark Knight trilogy), Jurassic Park (the Jurassic World movies), and Godzilla (the MonsterVerse).




Now before we get too excited, we should stress that this is just an unconfirmed report and no deal has yet been reached. But if a deal does happen, you can expect to see a lot more skin mask-wearing, inbred, psychopaths on both your TV screen and in your local cinema in the near future.


Image courtesy of Bryanston Distributing Company