A ‘Firefly’ Prequel Is Coming This November
A ‘Firefly’ Prequel Is Coming This November


Firefly fans have long wondered just what happened during the Unification War that affected the characters so profoundly, and now they’re finally going to find out.


A new Firefly prequel comic book from BOOM! Studios will feature a story that takes place partly during the Unification War, before the events of the series, and will show how Mal and Zoe first met. “It’s high time we got to see the full story of Mal and Zoe’s meeting and mission in the War of Unification — the good and bad that the pressure of war brings out in them, and the unforeseeable consequences,” Firefly creator Joss Whedon told Entertainment Weekly. Whedon is serving as a story consultant on the comics, meaning fans can expect the books to have the same tone as the beloved TV series and its spinoff film, Serenity. The new series is written by Greg Pak, one of the biggest names in comics today who is best known for penning Marvel’s “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” stories, with art by Dan McDaid (Jersey Gods).


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Credit: BOOM! Studios via EW


This is the first Firefly comic from BOOM!, who already has some experience when it comes to adding to the canon of beloved franchises as the publisher behind that Big Trouble in Little China sequel comic. Previous Firefly comics were published by Dark Horse, but Pak insists these new stories will be different. “We’ve gotten the incredible go-ahead to do something particularly special in this new series — we’re digging deep into the Unification War, the galaxy-shattering event that shaped so many of our central characters,” Pak told EW. “Many of the show’s central themes revolve around the way everyday people handle the threat of tyranny, the trauma of war, and the danger of falling into villainy when resisting a world run by villains. We’re getting the chance to reveal essential truths about our heroes’ pasts and put them through experiences in the here and now that they’ve never fully dealt with before. As a fan of the show who adores these characters, I can’t wait.”


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Credit BOOM! Studios via EW


The new Firefly comics will be hitting store shelves this November.


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