Captain Pike Debuts & Spock Is Teased in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 2 Trailer
Captain Pike Debuts & Spock Is Teased in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 2 Trailer


At the close of Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season, we learned that the Starship Enterprise would have a role to play in season 2, and now we’re getting our first look at just how involved the Enterprise’s crew will be in the series’ first trailer for the new season. Hint: They’re pretty involved.


Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, the new trailer shows Anson Mount as Christopher Pike, who of course was Captain of the Enterprise before James Tiberius Kirk took the reins. The trailer shows Pike coming aboard the Discovery and taking over its command to deal with an emergency. The emergency is a group of strange red bursts that are occurring in outer space that can’t be explained, but one of Discovery’s crew members seems to think she can solve the mystery. Michael Burnham, the series’ lead, believes the bursts are somehow related to her foster brother, Spock, and that he needs her help.


Spock himself doesn’t appear in the trailer, but he is mentioned several times, and it was confirmed during the show’s Comic-Con panel that he will appear in the new season. Showrunner Alex Kurtzman also stated at the panel that the new season will answer many questions that season 1 failed to, and said that the show will officially sync up with the franchise canon, according to CNET. In addition to the Enterprise crew members, the tailer also gives us a look at some other new characters, including comedian Tig Notaro as chief engineer Reno, and Linus — a Discovery crew member who’s a member of the Saurian species. His species’ new design looks great, and Linus has a pretty fantastic scene at the end of the trailer that we won’t spoil here. You can watch it for yourself below.



Star Trek: Discovery season 2 premieres this January on CBS All Access.


Image courtesy of CBS