There May Be a ‘Labyrinth’ Musical in the Works
There May Be a ‘Labyrinth’ Musical in the Works


Labyrinth is experiencing a bit of a resurgence as of late. There is still, as far as we know, a sequel to the film in the works, a new comic book series, and the original film is returning to theaters in a remastered version. But there may be something even more spectacular on the horizon.


According to Brian Henson, the son of Labyrinth director Jim Henson and current chairman of the Jim Henson Company, a big budget Labyrinth stage musical is currently being worked on, and it may premiere on London’s West End. In a recent interview with Forbes, Henson discussed the upcoming Labyrinth projects, and he seemed more optimistic about the musical than the impending sequel, saying, “We’re still excited about the idea of a sequel, we are working on something but nothing that’s close enough to say it’s about to be in pre-production or anything like that. We are (also) working on a theatrical adaptation of the original movie for the stage … Not necessarily Broadway, it could be for London’s West End, but it will be a stage show, a big theatrical version. It’s very exciting.”


Labyrinth of course seems ripe for a stage adaptation. The puppetry could be performed on stage spectacularly, and there are a number of classic songs that would make for a memorable musical, such as “As the World Falls Down,” “Within You,” and “Magic Dance.” Of course, the the key to any stage adaptation will be finding a lead who can hold a candle to David Bowie’s original performance of Jereth the Goblin King — no small task.



As for the theatrical re-release of Labyrinth, that’s taking place on April 29, May 1, and May 2 in select cities. To see if there are screenings near you, head on over to Fathom Events.

Image courtesy of Sony Pictures