The Most Iconic Sci-Fi Novel Ever Is Finally Coming to TV
The Most Iconic Sci-Fi Novel Ever Is Finally Coming to TV


There are a number of iconic science-fiction novels that still don’t yet have a definitive on-screen version, and that includes the most lauded of all. Foundation, by the legendary Isaac Asimov, is considered by many to be the greatest science-fiction novel series ever written, but for some reason it has yet to be adapted in a way that does the work justice. That could soon change, with the most powerful tech company today taking the reins on the project.


Apple is set to produce a new television series based on the Foundation trilogy as part of the company’s efforts to establish themselves as a major content creator. Given that Apple has already dominated other spaces they’ve entered over the years, from personal music players to phones to smartwatches, it seems likely that they’ll find success in this arena as well. According to Deadline, the series will be produced by Skydance Television with David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) and Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds) serving as executive producers and showrunners.




The series takes place in a far future when mankind has spread across the Milky Way galaxy in a collection of millions of planets united as the Galactic Empire. But when mathematician Hari Seldon comes up with a mathematical formula that can predict the future, he sees the impending collapse of the empire that will thrust the galaxy into a new Dark Age lasting thousands of years. This leads to the creation of the Foundation, a group of intellectuals who hope to save the Empire by collecting and preserving knowledge.


Given the series’ heavy philosophical themes and the fact it spans hundreds of years, it’s not hard to see why Hollywood has been unsuccessful in adapting it thus far, with numerous film and TV projects falling through over the years. But with high budget “peak TV” now being en vogue, and with Apple’s limitless funds behind the project, it looks like Foundation is finally going to make it to screen. Let’s just hope they do the source material justice.


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