You Can Finally Get the Music from the ’80s ‘Transformers’ Cartoon
You Can Finally Get the Music from the ’80s ‘Transformers’ Cartoon


While nostalgia for ’80s pop culture has been at a fever pitch the past few years, one iconic property has largely failed to capitalize on the hype for the Reagan era: Transformers. The franchise was born in the decade with its beloved toyline and cartoon, but today it is more widely recognized for its modern blockbuster film series. Unfortunately, the Transformers movies are generally considered to be pretty bad, as they fail to adequately connect to the fun franchise that ’80s kids grew up with. But it looks like that’s starting to change.


In a celebration of the Transformers of the ’80s — as well as an obvious attempt to appeal to the wallets of nostalgic Millennials — Hasbro has released, for the first time ever, music from the original animated series. Not only that, but the album is available on vinyl. Hear that, ’80s loving hipsters? The new album, called Hasbro Studios Presents ‘80s TV Classics: Music from The Transformers, features the iconic theme song from the series, as well as other music featured on the show from composers Robert J. Walsh, Johnny Douglas, Anne Bryant, and Ford Kinder. The tracks, which were remastered from the original tapes, are listed below:


Side A

  1. 1. Opening Theme Song
  2. 2. Life
  3. 3. Cybertron Sorrow
  4. 4. The Bridge to Iacon
  5. 5. Unwelcoming Committee
  6. 6. Prepare
  7. 7. Attack! Attack!
  8. 8. Decepticon Drama
  9. 9. Explore! Repair!
  10. 10. Facing Disaster
  11. 11. Ominous Discovery
  12. 12. Elements of Danger
  13. 13. Something’s Wrong
  14. 14. Overcoming the Unstoppable
  15. 15. No More Worries
  16. 16. Unyielding
  17. 17. Heavy Mettle
  18. 18. Man and Machine
  19. 19. Matters and Antimatters
  20. 20. Battle Fearlessly
  21. 21. Ancient Legends
  22. 22. The March of War


Side B

  1. 1. Roll For Home
  2. 2. The Glimmer of Hope
  3. 3. Earth to Cybertron
  4. 4. Into the Jaws of Death
  5. 5. Doomed Together
  6. 6. The Wrong Readings Mean the Right Doom
  7. 7. Transformers Medley
  8. 8. Mad Planet
  9. 9. Conflict on Cassette
  10. 10. Pastoral Tranquility
  11. 11. From the Secret Files of Teletraan II
  12. 12. Separation Anxiety
  13. 13. Synthesized Magic
  14. 14. Sinister
  15. 15. Uneasy Advances
  16. 16. Epic Struggles
  17. 17. Mysterious Airs
  18. 18. Waking Nightmare


The albums, which come in three variants: Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee, are limited to just 2000 copies, meaning they probably won’t be around for long. You can pick them up at Enjoy the Ride Records, except for the Bumblebee version — that’s a Think Geek exclusive. All copies retail for $18.99, which isn’t a bad price for getting the chance to relive one’s childhood.



Image courtesy of Hasbro