John Carpenter May Soon Return to the Director’s Chair
John Carpenter May Soon Return to the Director’s Chair


John Carpenter has directed some of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, like The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, and Escape from New York, but it’s been years since he’s helmed a feature-length movie. However, that doesn’t mean the icon is retired, as he is now hinting at a possible return to the director’s chair.


Carpenter hasn’t directed a film since 2010, when he helmed horror thriller The Ward. Since then, he’s largely focused on his music career, and just recently wrapped a tour where he performed some of his iconic scores. But he’s been flirting with filmmaking again ever since directing a music video for Christine last year. He’s also on tap to direct the pilot for the upcoming Syfy horror anthology series, Tales for a Halloween Night, which is based on the comic book series John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night. And these smaller projects seem to have ignited Carpenter’s interest in making a new movie.



During an appearance on the Post Mortem Podcast, Carpenter was asked if he’d ever be interested in directing another movie, and the 70-year-old didn’t shy away from the question. “Sure, if it’s right. Maybe,” Carpenter said. “[I’m] working on a couple ideas. I love it… even the pain of it.” He also discussed how much he enjoyed shooting the Christine music video, after being away from directing for so long. “Last fall, I went out and made a music video for Christine… it was fun,” he said, according to Bloody Disgusting. “I loved getting out there and doing it. It was so much fun.”


Fingers crossed that Carpenter does come back, and that when he does, he’ll hopefully give us another amazing film to add to his repertoire alongside classics such as They Live, The Fog, and Halloween.


Image courtesy of John Carpenter on Instagram


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