This Godzilla Fan Really Knows How to Travel
This Godzilla Fan Really Knows How to Travel


Why didn’t we think of this? A man named Patrick Feary has a habit of asking the staff at the hotels where he stays to prepare a drawing of Godzilla for his room before arrival, and remarkably, some of them actually do it. Not only that, but at least one artistic hotel employee has gone way above and beyond the call of duty.


Feary, 28, works for Hotelchamp, a company that tracks visitors’ requests to hotels. He started requesting the Godzilla drawings as a joke, since his work would have to keep track of the hotels’ responses, and he probably didn’t expect any hotels to actually indulge his strange request. Yet they have — a few, anyway. According to Business Insider, Feary has thus far made the request to over 20 hotels, and three have delivered thus far.


The first to give it a shot was Mercure Melbourne Albert Park in Victoria, Australia, which responded to Feary’s request of, “Totally optional but if you felt like including a drawing of Godzilla in my hotel room then it would really make me feel at home.” Here’s what they came up with:


godzilla drawing 1
Credit: Hotelchamp


Next was the Lucia Lodge in Big Sur, California, who tendered a drawing of a very-California surfing Godzilla, per Feary’s request:


godzilla drawing 2
Credit: Hotelchamp


Finally, the latest and by far most impressive work comes from the Hilton Boston Back Bay, which by the looks of it has a bona fide artist in their employ. Here’s what Feary wrote them: “If possible, and totally no issue if not, it would make me feel so much more at home if there was a drawing in my room of Godzilla firing a bow and arrow at an apple on top of the head of a smaller Godzilla, William Tell style. Obviously I don’t expect this you to fulfill this request but I will be super impressed if you even just have a go.” And here’s what the Hilton had waiting for him in his room:


godzilla drawing 3
Credit: Hotelchamp


Your eyes don’t deceive you. That is indeed a painting of Godzilla firing a bow and arrow at a smaller Godzilla with an apple on his head… with a volcano thrown in the background for good measure. Bravo, Hilton Boston Back Bay. If we ever find ourselves in Bean Town, we know where we’re staying — and what we’re asking for.


Title image courtesy of Toho


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