You Can Now Watch the First Three Episodes of ‘Stargate Origins’ for Free
You Can Now Watch the First Three Episodes of ‘Stargate Origins’ for Free


Stargate has returned! In a surprise move, the first three episodes of the prequel series Stargate Origins have been released for free on Stargate Command, the dedicated streaming platform and fan destination for all things Stargate.


The series, which will consist of ten roughly ten-minute episodes, was expected to only be offered to Stargate Command’s All-Access subscribers. All-Access members pay a one-time fee of $20 for the ability to stream Stargate Origins, as well as every episode of shows like SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and SGU, and Stargate’s three movie titles. But Stargate Command unexpectedly posted the first three episodes for everyone last week; meaning prospective fans could give the new series a test run before deciding whether or not they wanted to invest in the rest of the series.


Stargate Origins takes place in the 1930s, and follows a young Catherine Langford’s first adventures with the Stargate that was discovered in Egypt a decade earlier by her father, Professor Paul Langford. The series ties directly into the Stargate movie from 1994, and serves as a prequel to both that film and the series that would follow it, Stargate SG-1. MGM has released a preview teaser for episodes 4-10, and there’s a much larger focus on both aliens and action than what’s been seen in the series so far. Episode 4 is set to premiere on Stargate Command for All-Access members on February 22, with new episodes premiering weekly after that. You can check out the new preview below:


Image courtesy of SG-1