Feast Your Eyes on These Glorious New Godzilla Pics
Feast Your Eyes on These Glorious New Godzilla Pics


The newest Godzilla movie is finally here, and to celebrate the arrival of Godzilla: Monster Planet (which Netflix is simply calling Godzilla), Toho Animation and Netflix have released a smorgasbord of new hi-res pictures from the film.


The new photos show an astoundingly gorgeous production. When hearing that the film was going to be animated, many fans were probably expecting a traditional-looking cartoon or anime film, but these photos show something else entirely. The bright and colorful computer animation reveals a hard sci-fi world unlike anything we’ve seen before in the franchise, with cool-looking starships and robots, brilliant lasers, and realistic landscapes. Then there’s the monster designs, which look absolutely fantastic; especially the big guy himself. This incarnation of Godzilla, by far the largest ever seen, looks both classically iconic and refreshingly new, with every inch of him looking like he’s ready to wreck a planet. Meanwhile, the heroes tasked with fighting him look like they’re straight out of Voltron, with maybe a little Halo thrown in for good measure.


The film takes place 20,000 years in the future, long after mankind has fled Earth for the cosmos after the planet was conquered by Godzilla and other Kaiju that first arrived late in the 20th century. But now, humans finally believe they have the technology to retake their homeland, setting up a massive and glorious battle royale. You can check out the collection of pics below, via Bloody Disgusting.


godzilla 1

godzilla 2

godzilla 3

godzilla 4

godzilla 5

godzilla 6

godzilla 7

godzilla 8

godzilla 9

godzilla 10

godzilla 11

godzilla 12

godzilla 13

godzilla 14

godzilla 15


Godzilla is currently streaming on Netflix.


Images courtesy of Toho/Netflix