This Short Shows What Michael Myers Does the Day After Halloween
This Short Shows What Michael Myers Does the Day After Halloween


We all know what Michael Myers is up to on Halloween, but what does the invincible killer do the day after the spooky holiday? A new short aims to answer this age-old question.


Fright Rags Productions has released a three-minute online film called November 1st, and it shows what the mask-wearing murderer does when the dust settles after chasing teenagers and Jamie Lee Curtis around all night. And surprisingly, it seems like Michael Myers is a pretty boring and average guy when it’s not Halloween. He sleeps in, enjoys a fine cup of coffee, takes out the trash (which may or may not contain body parts), hits up a local cafe for some sweets, and rents a video — on VHS.


The funny and artsy little short, which unfolds to the smooth jazz stylings of Will Grove-White’s “I Can’t Stop Crying,” was created by Eric Maira, Chris Hogan-Roy, Benjamin Scrivens and Chris Tanski, and stars Scrivens as Myers, according to Bloody Disgusting. The film is pretty clever and offers a fun look at Myers’ boring regular life once the calendar changes over to the eleventh month, and it should definitely help anyone who’s feeling a bit of the post-Halloween blues themselves.



As for the actual Michael Myers, you’ll be able to see him in his more natural state when the new Halloween hits theaters next October.


Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox


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