1980’s ‘Christmas Evil’ Is Returning Theaters This Holiday Season
1980’s ‘Christmas Evil’ Is Returning Theaters This Holiday Season


Most Christmas movies have similar themes. Family togetherness, the joy of giving, the spirit of love, blah blah blah. But 1980 cult favorite Christmas Evil is not one of those Christmas movies.


In case you have seen it, Christmas Evil is a holiday horror movie about a toy factory worker who was traumatized upon learning that Santa Claus wasn’t real as a child when he witnessed “Santa” — actually his father dressed up — groping his mother on Christmas Eve. Many years later, he finally snaps one holiday season, and goes on a Christmas Eve killing spree in costume as Jolly Old Saint Nick. It’s insane.



Now, the classic holiday slasher from director Lewis Jackson is finally getting the high-profile theatrical release it deserves and is screening in theaters across the country this Christmas season, going on a month-long tour of holiday mayhem and destruction. Here’s the full schedule below of where you’ll be able to catch the Christmas carnage, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting:


11/23 & 11/24 – Plaza Theatre, Atlanta
11/25 – St. Louis Video Society, St. Louis
12/1 – Alamo Drafthouse, El Paso
12/2 – Alamo Drafthouse, Omaha
12/8 – 12/10 – Gateway Film Center, Columbus
12-8, 12/9, 12/13 – Grand Illusion Cinema, Seattle
12/9 – Hollywood Theater, Portland
12/9 & 12/10 – Texas Theatre, Dallas
12/11 – Alamo Littleton, Denver
12/13 – Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers
12/15 & 16 – Screenland Armour, Kansas City
12/15 & 16 – Loft Cinema, Tucson
12/16 – Capitol Theatre, Cleveland
12/18 & 12/23 – Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh
12/19 – Alamo Drafthouse, New York
12/20 – Film Scene, Iowa City
12/21 – Roxy Stadium 13, Santa Rosa
12/21 & 22 – Carolina Theater, Durham
12/21 – Parkway Theatre, Minneapolis
12/21 – PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia
12/22 – Parkway Theater, Baltimore
12/22 & 23 – Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston
12/22 – Frida Cinema, Santa Ana
12/23 – Alamo Drafthouse, Houston
12/23 – Roxie Theatre, San Francisco
12/23 – New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles


So if you feel like watching something a little different this holiday season, check out Christmas Evil in theaters and find out why it’s always a good idea to stay off the naughty list.


Image courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome