Epic ‘X-Files’ Season 11 Trailer Teases CSM’s Origins
Epic ‘X-Files’ Season 11 Trailer Teases CSM’s Origins


The eleventh season of The X-Files will be here before you know it, and to prove it, the series has just released a new trailer showing off what’s in store for 2018.


The trailer looks downright amazing, and already appears to be superior to the show’s polarizing season 10. The cliffhanger of last season, with a new type of worldwide alien invasion on the horizon, looks like it will be solved in pretty epic fashion with Mulder and Scully having to once again solve a worldwide conspiracy brought about by the Cigarette Smoking Man. Speaking of the CSM, we get a clip of him as a young agent hanging out with an alien (and smoking, naturally) in a scene that is likely from an episode entirely devoted to his backstory.


The trailer also features plenty of a bearded A.D. Skinner, who at one point gets into a physical altercation with Mulder; shots of some awesome-looking Monsters of the Week (eight of the new season’s ten episodes will be standalones); and, as expected, an abundance of romantic tension between Mulder and Scully — plus a possible glimpse of their MIA son William, who is expected to play an important role in the episodes to come. There’s even a brief Lone Gunmen scene! Check it out below.



The new season of The X-Files still has no official release date other than “2018,” but most assume it will premiere early in the new year. Season 10 premiered in January of 2016, so there’s a decent chance the new season will follow a similar path. In any case, the truth is still out there, and we’ll find out exactly what it is very soon.


Images courtesy of Fox.


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