Does This Video Show an Actual Ghost in Action?
Does This Video Show an Actual Ghost in Action?


Halloween is right around the corner, which means that all manner of ghosts and goblins are out and about causing mischief — or at least they seem to be at one high school in Ireland.


On October 1 at around 3 a.m. — the witching hour — a security camera at Deerpark C.B.S secondary school in Cork, Ireland apparently captured some very strange goings-on. In the empty halls of the school, a door slams. Lockers are opened and rattled. Objects are tossed about. It’s either the work of a poltergeist, or a clever prank by some kids with fishing line. But according to the school’s headteacher Aaron Wolfe, the latter doesn’t seem likely given that the cameras are triggered by motion sensors. Wolfe also claims that the school does actually have a history of paranormal activity, telling Unilad:


“Our caretaker has worked in the school for over 30 years he recalls many stories of ‘paranormal activity’. For example, on one occasion the school was hosting an exotic bird show, and the birds arrived the day before, because the organizers were worried that someone might break in and steal the birds, someone had to stay overnight. That person left the school in the middle of the night – they refused to stay any longer as they said that they heard ‘the last call’ being played on a trumpet – of course this could have just been the wind?!


Wolfe also details reports of students hearing crying in an empty bathroom, staffers reporting cold areas of the school, and people complaining of lights flickering. Of course, this could all be an elaborate prank set up by Wolfe himself, but take a look at the footage below and let us know what you think.



Image courtesy of Deerpark CBS on YouTube


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