‘Attack of the Killer Donuts’ Trailer Will Make You Fear More than Just Diabetes
‘Attack of the Killer Donuts’ Trailer Will Make You Fear More than Just Diabetes


Everyone knows donuts are bad for you. They’re filled with sugar and fat and can cause problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart issues. Oh, and sometimes if you’re not careful, they might also eat you.


At least that’s what happens with the sweet fried rings of dough in the upcoming film Attack of the Killer Donuts, a new B-movie parody in the vein of such classics as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and, um, the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes sequels. In the film, from Level 3 Entertainment, a chemical experiment by a mad scientist accidentally brings donuts to life, naturally, and they inexplicably become bloodthirsty. The only physical change to the pastries appears to be the growth of a lamprey-like mouth composed of long, curved fangs around their center hole, and the donuts travel around by bouncing — which is admittedly hilarious. And when going up against an army of killer donuts, you’d think the best thing to do would be to side with the dessert’s sworn enemy, police officers, but as you can see in the trailer, cops don’t fare any better against the bouncy treats than other people.



The movie has also released a killer (no pun intended) retro poster that harkens back to Gremlins for some reason, but it looks really awesome — especially thanks to the tagline “We’ve eaten them for years, now it’s their turn!”


donuts poster


The film, which keep in mind is very tongue-in-cheek, was directed by visual effects artist Scott Wheeler and features ’80s favorite C. Thomas Howell leading a cast of unknowns. It will be available on November 17.


Images courtesy of Level 3 Entertainment


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