The Perfect Movie For Every Summer Occasion
The Perfect Movie For Every Summer Occasion


We’re right in the thick of summer, which is without a doubt, the best season of the year. The weather’s great, people are taking time off, and everyone just seems to be in a good mood. But since you can’t spend every waking moment basking in all the fun that summer has to offer, here are 11 movies that can function as stand-ins for all your favorite warm weather activities.


1. For Going Camping – Friday the 13th Part III



The most quintessential Jason movie serves as a reminder to be careful in the woods.


2. For Going Swimming – Jaws



This is why you’re afraid of the ocean.


3. For Partying With Friends – I Know What You Did Last Summer



Some important lessons here for summer fun: don’t drink and drive, and don’t, uh, kill someone and then dump their body.


4. For Watching Baseball – Field of Dreams



If you build it, you will have wasted your entire summer because no dead baseball players are going to show up, so just watch the movie instead.


5. For Visiting the Carnival – Something Wicked This Way Comes



Remember, carnies don’t actually have to be the devil to be terrifying.


6. For Going On a Road Trip – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre



If you do hit the road, make sure to keep away from strangers’ homes.


7. For Watching Fireworks – Independence Day



The fireworks in this film are almost as dangerous as the ones you’ll find for sale at a roadside stand.


8. For Hitting the Beach – Blood Beach



You thought you’d be safe on the beach if you stay out of the water? Don’t you know it’s the sand you have to worry about?!


9. For Catching Some Sun – Sunshine



Catch those rays now, because the sun might just burn out tomorrow (though probably not).


10. For Staying Indoors and Basking In the AC – Rear Window



If you find yourself cooped up inside with a broken leg all summer, you can always pass the time by spying on your neighbor who may or may not be a murderer.


11. For Taking a Vacation – Stargate



Sometimes you just need to get away. A trip across the galaxy ought to do the trick.


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