Status Updates on All 85 Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror Reboots Currently in the Works
Status Updates on All 85 Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Horror Reboots Currently in the Works


People complain a lot that Hollywood has run out of ideas, and well, they kinda have a point. There are currently dozens of remakes, reboots, and remakes/reboots masquerading as sequels of classic — and not so classic — sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies in various stages of development all over Tinseltown, so take a look below to see which ones excite (or anger) you the most.


1. The Mummy

More a reimagining of the 1932 original than of the 1999 Brendan Fraser movie, this horror/adventure will kick off a new cinematic universe populated with Universal Pictures’ classic movie monsters. Opens June 9, 2017.


2. Spider-Man: Homecoming

The third incarnation of Spidey in a decade has a good chance of being the best, as this is the first time Marvel Studios is producing a movie starring the webhead. Opens July 7, 2017.


3. It

We think the second attempt at turning Stephen King’s horror novel into a film looks fantastic, and a lot of people agree — its trailer recently broke the record for receiving the most views in 24 hours. Opens September 8, 2017. 


4. Flatliners

This one’s confusing. It’s billed as a sequel to the 1990 original, with Kiefer Sutherland returning in the same role, yet the film’s title is identical to the original. Opens September 29, 2017.


5. Blade Runner 2049



Credit: Warner Bros.


Technically a sequel, but let’s be honest, no studio is producing a sequel to an iconic 35-year-old film unless they plan on spinning a new franchise out of it. Opens October 6, 2017.


6. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Originally thought to be a reboot, this Dwayne Johnson vehicle was recently revealed to be a loose sequel to the 1995 film. But like with Blade Runner, the idea is clearly to kickstart a new franchise. Opens December 20, 2017.


7. The Predator (2018)

Shane Black is writing and directing this reboot/sequel, which takes place after 1990’s Predator 2 but before 2010’s Predators. Opens February 9, 2018.


8. Tomb Raider (2018)

A reboot of the video game franchise starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, this version hews more closely to the newer editions of the games than the classic version. Opens March 16, 2018.


9. Mulan (2018)

Disney has recently discovered it can make a ton of money by remaking its animated classics as live action films, and this is the next film slated for the treatment. Opens November 2, 2018.


10. Mary Poppins Returns (2018)


mary poppins

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures


Way-overdue sequels that also function as reboots are clearly the norm now, but this follow-up to the 1964 original really takes the cake. Emily Blunt takes on the role of the magical nanny. Opens December 25, 2018.


11. Bride of Frankenstein

Another installment in Universal’s new monster universe, and a remake of the 1935 original. Universal wants Angelina Jolie as their bride, and they’ve already locked down Javier Bardem as Frankenstein’s Monster. Opens February 14, 2019.


12. Masters of the Universe

It was announced last year that McG will direct the movie for Sony, and The Legend of Hercules star Kellan Lutz was in talks to play He-Man as of last summer. Opens December 18, 2019.


13. Godzilla vs. Kong (2020)

The fourth film in the new MonsterVerse cinematic universe that began with 2014’s Godzilla is also essentially a remake of 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla. Opens May 29, 2020.


14. Green Lantern Corps (2020)

Nobody asked for a Green Lantern reboot, but one is being made nonetheless. Opens July 24, 2020.


15. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

There are actually two remakes of the 1954 big budget Disney adventure in the works. Disney is putting together a remake titled Captain Nemo, with James Mangold attached to direct. Fox is also producing a movie based on the original Jules Verne story, which will be directed by Bryan Singer. No release date.


16. Akira

Warner Bros. has been trying to make a live action adaptation of this 1988 anime film for over a decade, and last month they started eyeing Get Out director Jordan Peele to helm it for them, but he’s since taken himself out of consideration. No release date.


17. Aladdin



Credit: Walt Disney Pictures


Another live action Disney remake of an animated classic, the studio recently put out an open casting call for actors of Middle Eastern descent. It’s also believed that Will Smith is currently in talks to play the Genie, and the film will be directed by… Guy Ritchie? No release date.


18. Alien Nation

Well here’s an unexpected one. The 1988 alien buddy cop movie will soon see a remake, with Jeff Nichols writing and directing the new version for Fox. No release date.


19. An American Werewolf in London

John Landis’ 1981 horror classic will be remade with his son, Max Landis, in the director’s chair. No release date.


20. Big Trouble in Little China

Dwayne Johnson is replacing Kurt Russell as Jack Burton and producing in this remake of John Carpenter’s 1986 cult favorite. No release date.


21. The Birds

There’s been no update on this project in three years, but last we heard Michael Bay was looking to produce an update on the Alfred Hitchcock horror from 1963 and had landed Diederick Van Rooijen to direct. No release date.


22. The Black Hole


black hole

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures


A few years back, Disney commissioned Jon Spaihts (who just co-wrote Doctor Strange for the studio) to pen an update on their 1979 dark space fantasy. He wrote a script, but after the Mouse House acquired Star Wars, it appears that The Black Hole remake has been put on the back burner indefinitely. No release date, possibly canceled.


23. The Blob

Samuel L. Jackson recently revealed that he plans on starring in a remake of the 1958 B movie, which has been struggling in development for a couple of years. No release date.


24. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

Disney produced three big budget films in the series based on C.S. Lewis’ work between 2005 and 2010 before abandoning the property, and now Sony is taking the reins on a reboot. No release date.


25. The Craft

Here’s an odd one. While originally announced as a reboot, producer Douglas Wick has stated this will actually be a sequel to the 1996 horror film that takes place 20 years later. However, no cast from the original film has announced they’ll be taking part. No release date.


26. Creature from the Black Lagoon


creature from the black lagoon

Credit: Universal Pictures


Yet another Universal monster movie for the studio’s new franchise, and a remake of the 1954 classic. Aquaman writer Will Beall was recently hired to pen the screenplay. Makes sense. No release date.


27. The Crow Reborn

Jason Momoa was attached to star in a reboot of the 1994 cult classic for Relativity Media, but the studio lost the rights last year. They were then scooped up by Davis Films, Highland Film Group, and Electric Shadow, who plan to begin shooting their own remake later this year — though it’s not clear if Momoa is still involved. No release date.


28. Cubed

Jon Spaights can’t catch a break. The screenwriter was working on this remake of 1997’s Cube, but he recently revealed that the project is stalled. No release date, possibly canceled.


29. The Dark Crystal

In development for over a decade, a sequel/reboot to Jim Henson’s 1982 fantasy was recently abandoned in favor of a comic book series based on the unproduced screenplay called The Power of the Dark Crystal. Then, out of nowhere, Netflix announced a prequel TV series. With puppets! Heading to TV in the near future.


30. Dumbo

Another live-action Disney remake, with Tim Burton directing to make sure Disney’s saddest movie ever becomes even darker. No release date.


31. Dune



Credit: Universal Pictures


Legendary Entertainment is producing this remake of the 1984 film based on Frank Herbert’s novel series, with Arrival director Denis Villeneuve and Forrest Gump screenwriter Eric Roth. No release date.


32. Dungeons & Dragons

The first attempt at making a film based on the iconic gaming franchise, 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons, was a notorious bomb. So it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. is pushing ahead with a new version, with Rob Letterman directing and Ansel Elgort starring. Oddly enough, Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello is apparently unaware of this, as he recently announced he’s written his own version that he’s trying to get made. No release date.


33. The Entity

James Wan announced two years ago that he’s producing a remake of this fairly obscure 1983 horror flick, but we haven’t heard anything since then. No release date.


34. Escape From New York

Another remake of a 1980s John Carpenter/Kurt Russell cult favorite, Fox’s new version, written by Neal Cross, changes virtually everything about the original (New York isn’t even a prison), which makes us curious as to why they’re keeping the name. Robert Rodriguez is slated to direct and Carpenter is executive producing, which gives us hope that it won’t be completely terrible. No release date.


35. Explorers

Paramount hired Geoff Moore and Dave Posamentier to write the script for this remake of Joe Dante’s 1985 family sci-film, but that was three years ago. No news since then. No release date.


36. Fantastic Voyage


fantastic voyage

Credit: 20th Century Fox


A remake to this 1966 sci-fi classic has been in development for many years, with James Cameron involved for a long time before dropping out to focus on his Avatar sequels; though his production company remains involved. Guillermo del Toro was in talks to develop and direct the film as of January 2016, but it’s not clear if a deal was ever finalized. No release date.


37. Fire & Ice

Sony greenlit Robert Rodriguez’s live action remake of Frank Frazetta’s 1983 animated fantasy late in 2014, but we haven’t heard any new developments in a couple years. No release date.


38. Firestarter

Universal announced their intention to make a new franchise by remaking Stephen King’s 1984 sci-fi horror back in 2010, and it finally looks like it’s happening. In April 2017, horror studio Blumhouse announced they’re producing, and they’ve brought on Akiva Goldsman to direct. No release date.


39. Flash Gordon

Matthew Vaughn is rumored to direct this reboot of the campy 1980 space opera for Fox. No release date.


40. Flight of the Navigator

This may be another old Disney space-set film whose remake has gone by the wayside due to Star Wars. In 2012, the studio hired Colin Trevorrow to write and direct an update to the 1986 original, but he announced in 2015 that he was no longer involved. He has since of course been hired by Disney to direct the slightly bigger Star Wars: Episode IX. No release date, possibly canceled.


41. The Fly


the fly

Credit: 20th Century Fox


Fox just announced they’re working on a third version of this horror classic, which boasts two well-regarded versions in 1958 and 1986. Writer/director J.D. Dillard will be tasked with trying not to screw it up. No release date.


42. Friday the 13th

The iconic horror franchise was just rebooted in 2009 with a financially successful film, but Paramount decided to try another reboot rather than a sequel. After going through several writers over the better part of the past decade, the new film was set for release this October… until the studio officially canceled it in February, 2017. The rights revert to New Line soon, so it’s likely they’ll get started on their own reboot once that happens. Canceled, for now.


43. Ghostbusters

Yes, Ghostbusters was just remade in 2015 and wasn’t the franchise-starter that Sony hoped it would be. But producer Ivan Reitman recently claimed that an unrelated animated film version will hit theaters within the next few years. No release date.


44. Gremlins

Original franchise star Zach Galligan has been claiming for years that a sequel — which he insists isn’t a reboot — is on the way. As recently as this past December he claimed that Warner Bros., original writer Chris Columbus, and producer Steven Spielberg were all on board. We’re not sure how we feel about this. No release date.


45. The Grudge

Sam Raimi is apparently keen on producing a remake of the horror movie he produced in 2004, which was itself a remake of a 2000 Japanese film. Maybe let a few more years pass, hmm? No release date.


46. Heavy Metal


heavy metal

Credit: Columbia Pictures


Another ’80s cult remake spearheaded by Robert Rodriguez, this one may be dead. He first announced his intentions to make the film in 2011, then in 2014 said he might make it into a TV show. No news since then. No release date, possibly canceled.


47. Highlander

John Wick director Chad Stahelski plans on turning this ’80s franchise into a new trilogy, and he just said in January that producing the film is a “massive priority” for Lionsgate. No release date.


48. Hocus Pocus

Tina Fey is developing a script that’s related to the ’90s Disney Halloween favorite, which she described last year as “not so much a remake.” We’re pretty sure it’s not a sequel though, as those rumors have been thoroughly shot down, so what is this thing? A spinoff? No release date.


49. The Howling

In 2015, a newly-formed production company called Emaji Entertainment snapped up the rights and announced their intent to remake Joe Dante’s seminal 1981 werewolf movie, but we haven’t heard anything since then. No release date.


50. I Am Legend

Back in 2014, Warner Bros. acquired a script called A Garden at the End of the World that was so close in story to I Am Legend they decided to rework it into a reboot of the 2007 film. As far as we know, that’s still the plan. No release date.


51. I Know What You Did Last Summer


jennifer love hewitt

Credit: Columbia Pictures


First announced by Sony in 2014, acclaimed horror director Mike Flanagan gave an update last year that he’s still developing this remake of the 1997 original, though he says it will be an entirely different type of film. No release date.


52. The Invisible Man

Johnny Depp signed on last year to star in this remake of the 1933 original, which will of course be a part of Universal’s monster movie universe. No release date.


53. Jonny Quest

Is it just us, or is Robert Rodriguez all over this list? The director was attached to direct and co-write a live action film version of the 1960s TV show, and while he did pen the script, he vacated the director’s chair last year, leaving Warner Bros. to search for a replacement. The search continues. No release date. 


54. Labyrinth

Rumors of a reboot first surfaced around the time of original star David Bowie’s death, resulting in outrage that forced the studio to walk back claims that a reboot was in the works. Now, apparently enough time has passed, as TriStar announced in April of this year that they are indeed pursuing a new movie set in the Labyrinth universe with Don’t Breathe helmer Fede Alvarez set to direct, though they still insist it’s not a remake. No release date.


55. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The 2003 movie that may or may not have caused Sean Connery to quit acting forever is being remade at Fox. Jayson Rothwell is writing the script and John Davis is producing, promising the reboot will be more “female-centric.” So… League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen? No release date.


56. The Legend of Conan


conan throne

Credit: Universal Pictures


While this Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring sequel/update to 1982’s Conan the Barbarian has been in development for about five years, it was recently announced that it had been scrapped by Universal. However, the project may be salvaged as a TV series — though probably without Arnold. Canceled, may move to TV.


57. The Little Mermaid

Yet another live action Disney update, with Hamilton‘s Lin Manuel Miranda signed on to provide the music. No release date.


58. Little Shop of Horrors

Warner Bros. announced in December that they’re remaking this 30-year-old sci-fi musical, with Greg Berlanti, who essentially runs the entire DC Universe on the CW, slated to direct. No release date.


59. Logan’s Run

We’re a little surprised it’s taken this long to remake the beloved 1976 sci-fi film, but it looks like it could finally happen. Warner Bros. hired Colony showrunner Ryan Condal last year to write a script based off of a treatment by producer Bryan Singer. Berlanti, mentioned above, is co-producing, as is action movie producer extraordinaire Joel Silver. No release date.


60. The Matrix



Credit: Warner Bros.


This one’s in the early stages, but it was reported last month that Warner Bros. had hired Zak Penn to write a potential reboot of the (not that old!) action franchise. Penn, though, insists it’s not a reboot. Of course he does. No release date.


61. Men in Black

Sony is desperate for a big franchise after Ghostbusters flopped and they lost James Bond, so they’re looking to their own past with plans to reboot this alien cop franchise as a new trilogy without original star Will Smith. No release date.


62. Mortal Kombat

A new movie based on the bloody ’90s video game is in the works, to be produced by James Wan and directed by commercial director Simon McQuoid in his feature debut. No release date.


63. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Reports surfaced in 2015 that New Line was attempting another reboot of the horror franchise after their failed attempt in 2010. Then in 2016, original Freddy Krueger Robert Englund said he would like to cameo in it — just not as Freddy. Since then, there’s been no word. No release date.


64. Pet Sematary

A casting hunt began last year for this remake of the Stephen King classic, which is touted as being much scarier than the 1989 original. We’ll see. No release date.


65. Peter Pan


peter pan

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures


Another Disney live action remake, with Pete’s Dragon‘s David Lowery set to direct. It seems likely that the Mouse House will wait a few years before starting production on this one, given how poorly Warner Bros.’ Pan fared at the box office in 2015. No release date.


66. Pinocchio

Yes, another live action Disney remake of an animated movie. If it ain’t broke, uh, make it live action? Hopefully the new version maintains the original’s weird streak, and with Sam Mendes in talks to direct, it might. No release date.


67. Pumpkinhead

A reboot of Stan Winston’s 1989 cult horror classic, this version is being spearheaded by Saw franchise executive producer Peter Block, who has said he wants to use as many practical effects as possible. Yay to that. No release date.


68. Red Sonja

Nearly a decade ago, Robert Rodriguez (who else?) was involved in a remake of the ’80s sword and sorcery film, but has long since departed the project. Nu Image/Millennium Films then hired newbie screenwriter Christopher Cosmos to pen a new script in 2015, but we haven’t heard how that turned out. No release date.


69. Short Circuit

Last year, kids movies director Tim Hill declared that he was working on a remake of the ’80s robot movie that would be both darker in tone and more family-friendly, whatever that means. No release date.


70. The Six Billion Dollar Man


six million dollar man

Credit: NBCUniversal


A better, stronger, faster reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man starring Mark Wahlberg as the new Col. Steve Austin was supposed to hit theaters this December, but it has yet to begin filming. Still likely on the way, though — just not this year. No release date.


71. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

If you’re wondering if there’s any movie Disney won’t remake, there’s not. No release date.


72. Splash

Gender-swaps are all the rage these days, which is why this ’80s romantic fantasy is being remade with a merman (Channing Tatum) who falls for a human woman (Jillian Bell). No release date.


73. The Stand

Another Stephen King remake, this one has had multiple versions in development over the years but none have worked out. The latest incarnation has Josh Boone attached to direct, but he’s currently busy at work on the X-Men film New Mutants, meaning The Stand is currently on the back burner. No release date.


74. Starship Troopers

In November of last year, writers Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (who wrote the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot) were hired to pen an update on Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 satirical sci-fi adventure. The new version is to be based more on Robert A. Heinlein’s original novel, from which the previous film purposely strayed far away, meaning this probably won’t feel much like a remake. No release date. 


75. Suspiria



Credit: Produzioni Atlas Consorziate


The 40-year-old Italian horror classic is seeing an American remake with a star-studded cast including Dakota Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Tilda Swinton, and even a cameo from original star Jessica Harper. The movie wrapped shooting in March, so a release next year seems likely. No release date, possibly 2018.


76. The Sword in the Stone

We have to admit, of all the Disney live action remakes, this Medieval fantasy adventure is the one we’re most excited about. No release date.


77. The Terminator

2015’s Terminator: Genisys recently had its sequels canceled by Paramount, and series creator James Cameron is set to regain the rights to the franchise and make his triumphant return as producer of the next film, possibly with Deadpool‘s Tim Miller directing. Arnold confirmed his involvement in the new film at the Cannes Film Festival this year, while stating that Cameron has some great ideas for the franchise. No release date.


78. Time Bandits

A new kid-aimed adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s fantasy adventure is in the works from some of the guys behind the original film (but not Gilliam). Separately, Gilliam is also working on a Time Bandits TV show. So many time bandits, so little time. No release date. 


79. Timecop

It’s been three years since Universal hired brothers Mark and Brian Gunn — who previously wrote the ultimately canceled Monster Squad remake — to pen an update to this ’90s Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. No news since that first announcement. No release date. 


80. The Toxic Avenger


toxic avenger

Credit: Troma Entertainment


The world’s most unlikely franchise is getting the world’s most unlikely reboot, with Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon coming on board to direct in September. No release date.


81. Van Helsing

This installment in Universal’s monster universe will likely bear little resemblance to the Hugh Jackman-starring version from 2004. No release date.


82. Videodrome

Universal scooped up the rights to remake David Cronenberg’s bizarro ’80s mind-bender way back in 2009, but there’s been little movement since then. No release date, possibly canceled. 


83. War Games

There have been a number of stabs at recreating this ’80s sci-fi flick over the years, but nothing’s gotten off the ground yet. The latest effort comes from Project Almanac director Dean Israelite, who said in 2015 that he was working on a version. No release date.


84. Weird Science

Universal announced their intention to remake this John Hughes sci-fi comedy four years ago with Joel Silver producing, but it’s been all quiet on the Weird Science front since then. No release date. 


85. The Wolfman



Credit: Universal Pictures


The final of the universal monster movies that’s been announced (so far), here’s hoping they use practical effects for the werewolf in this remake of the 1941 original — especially if they end up casting real life human monster Dwayne Johnson in the lead role (they’re currently pursuing him hard). No release date.


As you can see Hollywood may be running out of ideas, but they definitely won’t be running out of movies anytime soon.


Title image courtesy of Universal Pictures