Watch the MST3K Robots Pitch Some Killer Show Ideas to Netflix’s CEO
Watch the MST3K Robots Pitch Some Killer Show Ideas to Netflix’s CEO

As you might well know, the MST3K robots are back in a big way. Not only can you see a whole new selection of classic episodes here on COMET, but there’s an expanded cast of the mouthy droids currently lighting up Netflix in the show’s latest reboot. But despite this multimedia fame, the likes of Crow and Tom Servo won’t be fully satisfied until they have achieved total domination over your screens.


To achieve their lofty goal, the robots made their way over to Netflix HQ for a personal meeting with the streaming platform’s CEO, Ted Serandos. While they’ve got his ear, Crow and Tom pitch a series of show ideas to the Netflix boss in the hope that one might become the next Stranger Things.


We’ll take a hard pass on their first suggestion– an Adam Sandler movie with Rob Sneider as David Space…playing Happy Gilmore– but some of their later suggestions had promise. I mean, who wouldn’t want a sexy version of the traditional MST3K madness called MST3K nights?

The fun doesn’t end there, though. Check out the video below, which sees the bots take their trademark shtick to some of Netflix’s more popular titles.


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