The First Image From Star Trek: Discovery Looks Like….Star Wars?
The First Image From Star Trek: Discovery Looks Like….Star Wars?


After what feels like years of development, months of filming, and numerous postponements, it looks like Star Trek: Discovery is finally close to making its way to our television screens as the series has unveiled its first official photo.


The image shows series stars Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays the Discovery’s First Officer Michael Burnham, and Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou, Captain of the Shenzhou, on a desert planet staring off into the distance. But the weird thing about the photo is it doesn’t look like it came from Star Trek at all… it looks like Star Wars. Check it out.


star trek discovery
CBS via Entertainment Weekly


There are no Starfleet uniforms, no Klingons, no bridge… nothing to really indicate that this image comes from Star Trek, unless you look really closely and see what may be an old school communicator on Martin-Green’s belt. It’s somewhat odd that the series would pick something so non-Star Trek to try and excite the fanbase, especially since it seems to be trying to emulate the franchise’s biggest rival, Star Wars. To see what I mean, take a look at this photo of Rey from The Force Awakens.


Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm


It looks exactly the same! I can’t tell if CBS is trying to troll fans with this first image or what, but it seems unlikely the picture will alleviate fans’ concerns about the new series. Many fans were already wary that the show has been delayed so many times (it was originally meant to premiere this past January, but now CBS won’t commit to any premiere date), and CBS’s plan to premiere the series on TV and then move it to its paid streaming service All-Access has also drawn criticism. I’m still hopeful that Star Trek: Discovery will be good, but it seems the missteps are really piling up for the show before it even makes it to air.


Title image courtesy of CBS


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