A New ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Movie Will Follow ‘The Mummy’ in Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’
A New ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Movie Will Follow ‘The Mummy’ in Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’


Universal recently announced the name of their new cinematic universe of old school monsters, which kicks off next month with The Mummy, will be called Dark Universe, and now we know which film the studio has planned next for the new franchise.


Universal has announced that none other than The Bride of Frankenstein will be the second film in the Dark Universe, with a release date planned for Valentine’s Day, 2019 (aww). Beauty and the Beast‘s Bill Condon is slated to direct the film, which Universal is no doubt hoping will earn at least half the box office revenue that Disney’s monster hit has. The studio also confirmed previous rumors that Johnny Depp will play the Invisible Man and Javier Bardem will portray Frankenstein’s Monster in the franchise across multiple films. The titular Bride has not yet been cast, but an announcement is expected soon. And, the franchise’s theme — composed by Danny Elfman — has also been unveiled, and while it’s not nearly as catchy as say, the Star Wars theme, it is appropriately spooky and epic.



As for The Bride of Frankenstein, it does seem like an odd choice for the next film. Traditionally, the character and her films have functioned as sequels/spinoffs to Frankenstein movies, so it’s a little unusual that we’re getting her movie before we get one starring the big guy. Then again, this franchise is all about putting a new twist on the classic monster movies (see also: the female Mummy), so in that vein it makes sense. We have high hopes for the franchise provided they lean into the horror elements, but everything we’ve seen from The Mummy so far makes it appear more like a generic action blockbuster. We’ll find out for sure when that film opens on June 9.


Title image courtesy of Universal Pictures.


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