Ridley Scott Has Created a Movie Studio Dedicated to Virtual Reality Cinema
Ridley Scott Has Created a Movie Studio Dedicated to Virtual Reality Cinema

Anybody who thought Ridley Scott would slow down as his years advanced can consider themselves very, very wrong. Not only is the 79-year-old filmmaker giving us a ton of new Alien movies, but he’s also overseeing a sequel to Blade Runner, and a major big screen production set during WW2’s Battle of Britain. As if that’s not enough, this week saw the news that Scott’s production company, RSA Films, is creating a new division dedicated to creating cinematic experiences for Virtual Reality technology.


“We have been heavily involved in VR for the past few years, and having a dedicated stand-alone division underscores our commitment to immersive media in both the brand and entertainment space,” said Jules Daly, President, RSA Films. “In addition to being one of the most well regarded producers in commercials and content, Jen Dennis brings hands-on experience developing and producing VR and is among the foremost influencers in the space. Ridley has a long lineage as a pioneer in creative technology, and RSA’s roster includes incredibly talented directors who understand the unique language of VR. We are pleased to offer this formidable resource to our clients.”


While VR is currently making waves in the gaming industry, Hollywood has been a little behind the curve. But, with big names like Scott and Steven Spielberg starting to embrace the technology and major studios looking for ways to diversify and increase profits, it won’t be long before we start getting new ways to enjoy movies. In fact, Scott has already dabbled with VR as a supplement to his productions, giving us an interactive virtual reality experience for his 2015 hit, The Martian. 



Accompanying the news of this new VR division was the announcement that Scott’s latest movie, Alien: Covenant, will also be getting a supplementary Virtual Reality experience. Jen Dennis, who also created the VR game for The Martian, will return to create what we imagine will be a terrifying experience for this Summer’s Alien: Covenant. There aren’t any major details on what the experience will include, but if it gives us the chance to come face to face with a Xenomorph, it’s likely to make a lot of people very happy.


Alien: Covenant is released in theaters on May 19th.



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