A New Retro Werewolf Movie Will Feature 100% Practical Effects and a VHS Release
A New Retro Werewolf Movie Will Feature 100% Practical Effects and a VHS Release

There was a time when being a movie fan was a more tactile affair. Some of our favorite flicks were made back when visual effects were predominantly physical models or puppets, and home media releases required a trip to the store to pick up a VHS, a poster, or even a DVD of the movie you’d been captivated by at the theater.


If you’re a retro movie purist craving those simpler times, there’s a new project on the horizon that you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on. Created by prolific filmmaker Todd Sheets, Bonehill Road looks set to be a Werewolf movie the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years. Sheets hopes to pay homage to the beast movies of old, committing to using only practical effects, with no digital production at all. Sheets is known for shooting his movies and shorts on film, and while that will still be the case with Bonehill Road, the filmmaker is taking his commitment to traditional media to another level by releasing the movie on VHS.


Bonehill Road is an homage to classic monster films like The Howling and An American Werewolf In London. In some ways, it is a throwback to the films we grew up with… the real horror movies that we all love so much, and in another way it is a modern horror flick that uses old school techniques, including Practical Monster Effects. NO CGI at all here. Our goal is to make an exciting, scary monster movie with some really cool werewolves.


The project is now underway thanks to a successful IndieGoGo campaign which helped raise more than $7,000, despite Sheets only aiming for a raise of $2,500. That money will be spent mainly on creature effects, and you can see some of the early concept work for those effects in the video below.