Superfan Creates a Virtual Reality Stargate in His Bedroom
Superfan Creates a Virtual Reality Stargate in His Bedroom

It’s one of the moments that just about any sci-fi fan has always wanted to experience, but thanks to our lack of knowledge in wormhole transportation, stepping through a Stargate’s event horizon has long been a distant dream. That is until now…


While we’re still a long way off from actually creating a functional Stargate, superfan 9of9 might just have created the next best thing. Utilizing a mix of readily available VR tech and a healthy dose of passion and know-how, 9of9 has created a functioning Stargate experience….in his very own bedroom. This Stargate might only be functioning in a purely visual sense, but as the video below proves, it can still help make you feel like Daniel Jackson on his first day at Stargate Command.



It’s impressive to look at just viewing on Youtube through your phone or computer, so one can only imagine how this would feel if you were strapped into a VR headset.


If you want to try your hand at creating something similar, 9of9 has made a ton of information available for budding developers/portal travelers. Check out their blog here.


Starting April 3, you’ll be able to catch back-to-back episodes of Stargate SG-1 Monday through Thursday at 8pm/7C with encore presentations at 10pm/9C



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