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Friday Night Feature

Strange Invaders

In 1958 alien invaders abduct the residents of Centerville, Ill., usurping the townspeople's bodies as their earthbound manifestations. Decades later, on a family visit to Centerville, New Yorker Margaret Newman (Diana Scarwid) mysteriously goes missing. Margaret's ex-husband, professor Charles Bigelow (Paul Le Mat), suspects there is more afoot than mere foul play, and he partners with intrepid tabloid reporter Betty Walker (Nancy Allen) to investigate.

Friday, February 24 at 8pm EST/PST, 7pm CST, and 9pm MST.

Cult Classic Theater

The Haunted Palace

Condemned warlock Joseph Curwen (Vincent Price) curses a New England village just before being burned alive. More than a century later, Curwen's kindly great-great grandson Charles Ward (also Price) arrives in town and moves into Curwen's old mansion. Caretaker Simon Orne (Lon Chaney Jr.) helps Charles and his wife Ann (Debra Paget) adjust to their new home. The ancient curse, however, takes hold of Joseph, awakening inside him a long-dormant evil passed on through blood.

Saturday, February 25 at 2pm EST/PST, 1pm CST, and 3pm MST.

The Fall of the House of Usher

Based on the classic story "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allen Poe and directed by legendary filmmaker Roger Corman, this thriller features Vincent Price as Roderick Usher, a man who believes his family to be cursed by incurable madness. So sure is he of his family's doom, that when his sister Madeline (Myrna Fahey) announces her engagement to Philip Winthrop (Mark Damon), Roderick will stop at nothing to prevent their marriage and keep the Usher bloodline from continuing.

Saturday, February 25 at 4pm EST/PST, 3pm CST, and 5 pm MST.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Forced by evil scientists to watch bad “B” movies until he breaks, a host (Joel in the early years, Mike later in the show’s run) and a bunch of captive robots comment on the films in order to keep sane. During each movie, the host and robots perform skits or songs, known as host segments, that are usually related to that episode’s film.

Watch MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Sunday nights at 8/7c.


This drama that might be called “My So Called After-Life” in which a teenage girl dies suddenly, but remains among the living, functioning as a Grim Reaper. As she performs the duties expected of her, she is able to experience the life she always took for granted.

Tuesdays at 8/7C

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Stargate: Atlantis


The gate has activated to the Pegasus Galaxy! The Earth expedition has found Atlantis, the city of the Ancients. They have also found a powerful new enemy called the Wraith who defeated the Ancients. The expedition works to discover the secrets of Atlantis while they continue the fight against the Wraith.

Watch STARGATE: ATLANTIS weeknights at 10/9c. Starting December 5.

The Outer Limits

COMET is your home for classic episodes of THE OUTER LIMITS. The science fiction and horror television series that starts with “There is nothing wrong with your television set.” This series is considered classic science fiction and has influenced many shows and movies since including Star Trek.

Poltergeist: The Legacy

A secret and ancient group known as The Legacy battles the forces of evil and the paranormal in an effort to keep humanity from being destroyed. The members of The Legacy search for and uncover a secret world of terror while trying to defend the world against evil and darkness.


The year is 2021. It’s been over a decade since a virus “The Big Death” has destroyed civilization. Jeremiah and his partner Kurdy work with members of Thunder Mountain to save humanity from the evil forces that remain from the devastated world.


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