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Nothing Important Happened Today
Season 9 | Episode 1
Doggett and Reyes (Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish) continue to investigate Mulder's theories, and their quest leads to a woman (guest star Lucy Lawless) who possesses knowledge of a possible government cover-up involving Scully's (Gillian Anderson) baby. Cary Elwes guest stars.
Nothing Important Happened Today II
Season 9 | Episode 2
Doggett's (Robert Patrick) ongoing search for clues puts his life in jeopardy; Reyes (Annabeth Gish) continues to battle the FBI while keeping an eye on Assistant Director Follmer (guest star Cary Elwes); Scully's (Gillian Anderson) baby exhibits signs of being extraordinary. Lucy Law.
Season 9 | Episode 3
While investigating a double homicide with ritualistic elements, Agent Reyes follows a hunch that points to the existence of an evil entity.
Season 9 | Episode 4
While Doggett barely clings to life in the hospital following a shooting, Reyes finds out she has been accused of attempted murder.
Lord of the Flies
Season 9 | Episode 5
When a teenager dies while performing a stunt for a television show, the agents collect evidence that suggests it was not an accident.
Trust No. 1
Season 9 | Episode 6
Scully lets down her guard when a stranger says he has information about Mulder.
John Doe
Season 9 | Episode 7
Doggett tries to figure out who and where he is after winding up lost in a Mexican town with no memories.
Season 9 | Episode 8
A string of gruesome murders in which the victims are skinned alive might have a personal connection to Agent Reyes.
Season 9 | Episode 9
Evidence suggests Scully's baby might be even more "special" than previously imagined and he might be targeted for abduction by evil forces.
Season 9 | Episode 10
Frustrated with the FBI's lack of action, Scully take matters into her own hands to rescue her son from his kidnappers.