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My Struggle
Season 10 | Episode 1
A web-TV show host approaches Mulder and Scully with a government conspiracy he believes he's uncovered; a possible alien abductee shares information that challenges Mulder's beliefs on the existence of aliens.
Founder's Mutation
Season 10 | Episode 2
When a scientist suddenly kills himself, Mulder and Scully's investigation leads to a laboratory where extreme genetic experimentation has been breeding subjects with dangerous powers.
Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster
Season 10 | Episode 3
Witnesses claim a strange creature was responsible for killing a person in the woods; Mulder confronts some of his own demons.
Home Again
Season 10 | Episode 4
When a city official is murdered, it seems that a human could not have committed the crime; Scully experiences deep feelings about the child she gave up for adoption.
Season 10 | Episode 5
After an art gallery bombing, Mulder and Scully must find a way to communicate with a comatose bomber in hopes of preventing more attacks; two young FBI agents on the case push Scully and Mulder to examine their beliefs.
My Struggle II
Season 10 | Episode 6
The investigation that Mulder and Scully began with Internet show host Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) seems to have created powerful enemies; Scully searches for a cure when people all over the country become gravely ill; a figure from the past emerges.