The Ray Bradbury Theater EPISODE GUIDE

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The Earthmen
Season 6 | Episode 1
An exploration team (David Birney, Gordon Pinsent) lands on Mars in search of two previous expeditions that have vanished.
Zero Hour
Season 6 | Episode 2
Children, not taken seriously by adults, are enlisted by an invisible leader to take over Earth.
The Jar
Season 6 | Episode 3
A farmer purchases a weird specimen in a jar from a carnival sideshow, hoping to gain some respect in the town; when his wife threatens to reveal that the creature is a fake, Charlie takes action.
Colonel Stonesteel and the Desperate Empties
Season 6 | Episode 4
To bring some excitement to a midwestern town, 12-year-old Charlie helps a man bury a fake mummy to be uncovered at the Labor Day parade in an elaborate hoax.
The Concrete Mixer
Season 6 | Episode 5
An invasion force from Mars heads to Earth, prepared to overcome a strong military resistance; instead, the Martians find themselves appalled by the vulgar "American way of life."
The Utterly Perfect Murder
Season 6 | Episode 6
As a boy, piano prodigy Douglas was tormented by a gang of bullies, led by Ralph; 50 years later, Douglas returns to his hometown to exact revenge.
Let's Play Poison
Season 6 | Episode 7
A strict teacher suspects that his unruly students may have committed murder.
The Martian
Season 6 | Episode 8
A lonely couple living on Mars meet a young man who appears to be their dead son.
The Lonely One
Season 6 | Episode 9
Amid warnings of a serial strangler, a bored woman (Joanna Cassidy) strolls home -- alone and late at night.
The Happiness Machine
Season 6 | Episode 10
A man builds a machine that makes its users feel happy; with Elliott Gould.