The Ray Bradbury Theater EPISODE GUIDE

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Mars Is Heaven
Season 5 | Episode 1
The crew of the first mission to Mars discovers a small town populated by deceased family and friends.
The Murderer
Season 5 | Episode 2
A man who wishes complete silence destroys all sources of sound in his surroundings.
Touched With Fire
Season 5 | Episode 3
Two retired insurance assessors try to prevent what they see as the inevitable murder of an obnoxious woman.
The Black Ferris
Season 5 | Episode 4
A strange carnival comes to town at the same time a little boy takes up residence with a rich and lonely lady.
Usher II
Season 5 | Episode 5
A man (Patrick Macnee) avenges the destruction of his library.
A Touch of Petulance
Season 5 | Episode 6
A man attempts to change the future when his wife's murder is foretold.
And the Moon Be Still as Bright
Season 5 | Episode 7
A Mars explorer turns against his companions.
The Toynbee Convector
Season 5 | Episode 8
A time traveler journeys to the future and brings back a message of hope for a dying civilization.
Season 5 | Episode 9
A woman seeks revenge on a witch who has caused her trouble for years.
The Day It Rained Forever
Season 5 | Episode 10
Old men wait for the day it always rains.