The Ray Bradbury Theater EPISODE GUIDE

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The Dwarf
Season 4 | Episode 1
A carnival operator plays a cruel prank on an unsuspecting dwarf.
A Miracle of Rare Device
Season 4 | Episode 2
The magical discovery of two down-and-out men is threatened by an old enemy.
The Lake
Season 4 | Episode 3
A young man returns to the lake where his childhood sweetheart disappeared several years before.
The Wind
Season 4 | Episode 4
A man is pursued by the violent winds whose secret he has learned.
The Pedestrian
Season 4 | Episode 5
In the world of the future, a man's nighttime walks are considered deviant behavior.
A Sound of Thunder
Season 4 | Episode 6
A time traveler inadvertently alters the present through his actions in the distant past.
The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone
Season 4 | Episode 7
An investigation into a famous writer's death succeeds in saving his life.
The Haunting of the New
Season 4 | Episode 8
A renovated mansion reacts when its owner throws wild parties.
To the Chicago Abyss
Season 4 | Episode 9
A post-holocaust government targets a man who remembers.
Hail & Farewell
Season 4 | Episode 10
A boy frozen at 12 years old drifts from town to town.