The Ray Bradbury Theater EPISODE GUIDE

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Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl
Season 3 | Episode 1
A murdered man's (Robert Vaughn) secret torments his killer (Michael Ironside).
Season 3 | Episode 2
A hypochondriac (Eugene Levy) seeks the help of a bone specialist to cure his latest ailment.
The Emissary
Season 3 | Episode 3
A loyal dog brings a teacher (Helen Shaver) to visit an invalid boy.
Season 3 | Episode 4
A couple's test of love during a weekend away turns to terror.
The Man Upstairs
Season 3 | Episode 5
Young Douglas suspects that his grandmother's peculiar border is a murderer. Stars Micheline Presle and Fedor Atkine.
The Small Assassin
Season 3 | Episode 6
A woman (Susan Woolridge) is gripped with fear despite her husband's delight over the birth of their baby.
Punishment Without Crime
Season 3 | Episode 7
A man (Donald Pleasence) seeks an outlet to vent his anger over his wife's infidelity.
On the Orient, North
Season 3 | Episode 8
A nurse escorts an ailing ghost (Ian Bannen) on a transcontinental train trip to his final destination.
The Coffin
Season 3 | Episode 9
An aging inventor builds a custom-made coffin as his final creation.
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Season 3 | Episode 10
A film animator sculpts a Tyrannosaurus Rex for a tyrannical movie director's latest project. Stars Chris Campion and Jim Dunk.