The Outer Limits EPISODE GUIDE

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Family Values
Season 7 | Episode 1
A man believes all his family problems will be solved when he purchases a robot to help around the house.
Patient Zero
Season 7 | Episode 2
A man travels from the future to find and kill the carrier of a plague threatening to annihilate mankind.
A New Life
Season 7 | Episode 3
A stressed-out businessman and his girlfriend leave town to join an influential cult.
The Surrogate
Season 7 | Episode 4
A struggling artist (Heather Donahue) undergoes terrible nightmares after she agrees to become a surrogate mother. With Erich Anderson and G. Patrick Currie.
The Vessel
Season 7 | Episode 5
A best-selling author, who is the lone survivor of a space shuttle crash, undergoes a personality metamorphosis.
Mona Lisa
Season 7 | Episode 6
A lonely woman (Rachel Ticotin) seeks to help an android assassin (Laura Harris) find a higher purpose than killing people.
Season 7 | Episode 7
A biogeneticist illegally clones his comatose wife.
Think Like a Dinosaur
Season 7 | Episode 8
A space station technician lives with aliens to learn the secrets of long-distance space travel.
Alien Shop
Season 7 | Episode 9
Unsuspecting patrons of a mysterious store receive strangely empowering objects from the alien shopkeeper. With Jonathon Schaech, Michelle Harrison and Alex Diakun.
World's Within
Season 7 | Episode 10
A scientist stricken with a terminal illness uncovers a mysterious connection to a boy trapped between life and death.