The Outer Limits EPISODE GUIDE

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The Alien Radio
Season 5 | Episode 1
A radio host pooh-poohs callers' UFO encounters until one caller kills himself.
Season 5 | Episode 2
The first recipient of a full-body transplant starts having mysterious visions about strange people and a murder.
Small Friends
Season 5 | Episode 3
Inmates blackmail a brilliant inventor jailed for murder to get his secret invention. With Ralph Waite and Roddy Piper.
The Grell
Season 5 | Episode 4
A government official and his family are shot down over slave territory.
The Other Side
Season 5 | Episode 5
A doctor discovers a parallel consciousness.
Joy Ride
Season 5 | Episode 6
An aging astronaut returns to space to right a wrong turn in his life.
Human Operators
Season 5 | Episode 7
A woman inspires an enslaved man to rebel.
Blank Slate
Season 5 | Episode 8
A brilliant doctor being pursued by government agents recovers memories stolen by a top-secret program.
What Will the Neighbors Think?
Season 5 | Episode 9
Chaos erupts when a woman develops the power to read her neighbors' minds.
The Shroud
Season 5 | Episode 10
A religious order secretly implants an embryo created with DNA from the Shroud of Turin into an unsuspecting woman.