The Outer Limits EPISODE GUIDE

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The Criminal Nature
Season 4 | Episode 1
Genetic engineering creates two strains of newborns, one eminent, one deformed and violent.
The Hunt
Season 4 | Episode 2
After animal hunting is banned, sportsmen hunt androids which are no longer useful.
Hearts and Minds
Season 4 | Episode 3
Soldiers battle insectlike aliens trying to steal an energy source from Earth.
In Another Life
Season 4 | Episode 4
A suicidal man is transported to another dimension to kill a homicidal alter ego.
In the Zone
Season 4 | Episode 5
An experimental treatment makes an athlete unbeatable but costs him his life.
Relativity Theory
Season 4 | Episode 6
A biologist (Melissa Gilbert) discovers a race of aliens but loses control of her ship to a mutinous crew.
Season 4 | Episode 7
A reporter in the company of military officers comes into contact with a higher, and possibly alien, power.
Rite of Passage
Season 4 | Episode 8
Two humans (James Marsden, Emmanuelle Vaugier) wonder if their "mother" is a monstrosity or a savior.
Season 4 | Episode 9
Hypnosis unravels the mystery of an ailment that killed a town's children.
Identity Crisis
Season 4 | Episode 10
A rival kills a soldier whose mind has been transferred into an android.