The Outer Limits EPISODE GUIDE

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Bits of Love
Season 3 | Episode 1
The lone survivor of a devastating war meets again with a holographic lover. Stars Natasha Henstridge.
Second Thoughts
Season 3 | Episode 2
A mentally challenged man undergoes a dramatic transformation thanks to a mind-transference device. Starring Howie Mandel and Jennifer Rubin.
Season 3 | Episode 3
A woman learns a horrifying secret after she impregnates herself with cells from her dead child. With Daniel Benzali and Kim Cattrall.
Last Supper
Season 3 | Episode 4
An ageless woman falls in love with a young man whose father rescued her from terrible experiments 20 years earlier.
Stream of Consciousness
Season 3 | Episode 5
A virus program threatens a computer-controlled society of the future.
Dark Rain
Season 3 | Episode 6
Two parents try to prevent a government agency from using their healthy newborn in a plan to repopulate mankind.
The Camp
Season 3 | Episode 7
A prisoner learns the truth about the alien invaders that have enslaved mankind for centuries. With Harley Jane Kozak.
Heart's Desire
Season 3 | Episode 8
An alien visitor gives four Old West outlaws the power to disintegrate their enemies. With Esai Morales.
Season 3 | Episode 9
While bringing medicine to his plague-infested colony, an astronaut enters alternate realities after his ship crashes.
Season 3 | Episode 10
A brain transplant allows a woman (Lela Rochon) to experience feelings after a lifetime devoid of emotions.