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The Unstuck Man
Season 5 | Episode 1
When Colin and Quinn disappear during a slide, Maggie and Rembrandt meet a new Mallory who holds the key to what happened to the two brothers.
Applied Physics
Season 5 | Episode 2
The sliders land on a college campus where Diana's alternate appears, a distressed version of herself; Mallory experiences violent flashbacks from Quinn's life.
Strangers & Comrades
Season 5 | Episode 3
After landing in a world which looks like Purgatory, the sliders find a war raging between earthlings and Kromaggs and are recruited against their will to fight.
The Great Work
Season 5 | Episode 4
The weary sliders are nursed back to health in a monastery run by a group of people who are recording civilization's achievements to help future generations.
New Gods for Old
Season 5 | Episode 5
After landing in a totalitarian world, Mallory is paralyzed by a laser beam hit but later joins a commune of healers who alter him with a glittering liquid.
Please Press One
Season 5 | Episode 6
Maggie is kidnapped and deposited in a processing center while trying to get food from a vending machine owned by a company that dominates the world.
A Current Affair
Season 5 | Episode 7
Maggie is accused of having an affair with the president to distract the public from a war with Switzerland.
Java Jive
Season 5 | Episode 8
The sliders land in a world very reminiscent of the Roaring '20s and confront Rembrandt's evil double, who deals in bootleg coffee.
The Return of Maggie Beckett
Season 5 | Episode 9
After landing in Maggie's hometown, the sliders discover that her double was a decorated astronaut, presumed dead from a mission to Mars.
Easy Slider
Season 5 | Episode 10
The sliders land in a world where internal combustion engines are outlawed; Mallory falls for an employee of a major gas company.