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Season 4 | Episode 1
Quinn and Maggie track Remmy and Wade to Home World three months after being separated, but find the world has been conquered by the Kromaggs.
Prophets and Loss
Season 4 | Episode 2
The sliders (Jerry O'Connell, Cleavant Derricks, Kari Wuhrer) get involved with a religious cult that plans to send them to another dimension. Guest star: David Birney.
Common Ground
Season 4 | Episode 3
The sliders enter a world on which they must remain for 27 hours, but find themselves running for cover in a bomb-targeted alley.
Virtual Slide
Season 4 | Episode 4
The sliders enter a world where the entire population is governed by virtual reality, mind-controlling devices; Maggie is held captive.
World Killer
Season 4 | Episode 5
The sliders land in a deserted San Francisco and discover that the entire population disappeared when Quinn began sliding; Quinn meets his double.
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Season 4 | Episode 6
Quinn's brother Colin appears in a nontechnological world where Quinn has actually died in infancy and his brother is born a year later.
Just Say Yes
Season 4 | Episode 7
The sliders must wrestle themselves away from addiction after they land on a world that encourages the use of drugs and narcotics.
The Alternateville Horror
Season 4 | Episode 8
After the sliders check into a haunted hotel, they become ghosts trapped in a howling vortex between two parallel worlds.
Season 4 | Episode 9
The sliders land on an alternate Earth that has no life, a toxic atmosphere, two moons and a labyrinth filled with Kromaggs.
Season 4 | Episode 10
An injured Rembrandt falls in love with his doctor, who is eager to follow him because of her secret past as a Kormagg collaborator.