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The Leap Back: June 15, 1945
Season 4 | Episode 1
A lightning bolt strikes Sam and Al, causing them to trade places and personalities: Al becomes a World War II ex-POW just returned home in 1945; Sam leaps "home" to the Q.L. control center in 1999.
Play Ball: August 6, 1961
Season 4 | Episode 2
Sam leaps into the life of a once-great baseball player struggling to make it back to the major leagues.
Hurricane: August 17, 1969
Season 4 | Episode 3
As Hurricane Camille threatens the Mississippi Gulf area, Sam becomes a deputy sheriff evacuating the residents, aided by a Red Cross nurse.
Justice: May 11, 1965
Season 4 | Episode 4
As a Ku Klux Klan infiltrator in 1964, Sam must prevent the lynching of a young black (Michael Beach).
Permanent Wave: June 2, 1983
Season 4 | Episode 5
As a Beverly Hills hairstylist in 1983, Sam must save his girlfriend's son (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who witnessed a pharmacist's murder next door.
Raped: June 20, 1980
Season 4 | Episode 6
Sam experiences the anguishing aftermath of rape after he leaps into the life of the victim, and it intensifies when he takes the accused rapist to court.
The Wrong Stuff: January 24, 1961
Season 4 | Episode 7
Sam descends into a lower life form as he leaps into the body of a chimpanzee that is part of an interspecies communication experiment and a candidate for space travel.
Dreams: February 28, 1979
Season 4 | Episode 8
As a cop in 1979, Sam is haunted by the frozen facial expression of a woman murder victim; Al learns Sam is the next target.
A Single Drop of Rain: September 7, 1953
Season 4 | Episode 9
Sam leaps into the center of attention as a rainmaker arriving in the parched town of Clover Bend, Texas, promising precipitation to drought-weary farmers.
Unchained: November 2nd, 1956
Season 4 | Episode 10
Sam becomes a member of a 1956 chain gang, where he is shackled to an innocent American Indian who is determined to escape.