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The Leap Home: November 25, 1969
Season 3 | Episode 1
Sam realizes a leap-long wish and becomes himself in 1969, tempted to change the course of his family's future.
The Leap Home Part 2 - Vietnam
Season 3 | Episode 2
Sam tries to prevent his brother's (David Newsom) death in Vietnam by stepping into the life of a soldier under his command.
Leap of Faith: August 19, 1963
Season 3 | Episode 3
Sam becomes a priest charged with saving his mentor, whose knowledge of a murder makes the latter a target.
One Strobe Over the Line: June 15, 1965
Season 3 | Episode 4
As a photographer, Sam must save a model from overdosing on amphetamines from her agent (Susan Anton).
The Boogieman: October 31, 1964
Season 3 | Episode 5
Sam is brought back to Halloween 1964 as a horror novelist who has his own share of scary experiences, including an encounter with the devil.
Miss Deep South: June 7, 1958
Season 3 | Episode 6
As Miss Sugar Belle, Sam must stop a photographer (David A. Brooks) from selling compromising shots of another pageant contestant.
Black on White on Fire: August 11, 1965
Season 3 | Episode 7
Sam becomes a black medical student during the Watts riots, torn between his white fiancee (Corie Henninger) and loyalty to his community.
The Great Spontini: May 9, 1974
Season 3 | Episode 8
Sam becomes a nightclub magician battling his ex-wife (Amy Steel) for custody of their 12-year-old daughter.
Rebel Without a Clue: September 1, 1958
Season 3 | Episode 9
As a member of a motorcycle gang in 1958, Sam tries to prevent the death of a girl (Josie Bissett) obsessed with life on the road.
A Little Miracle: December 24, 1962
Season 3 | Episode 10
Sam becomes valet to a ruthless developer (Charles Rocket) who plans to demolish a shelter for the homeless.