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Honeymoon Express: April 27, 1960
Season 2 | Episode 1
In 1960 Sam becomes a newlywed policeman whose honeymoon is interrupted by his wife's (Alice Adair) dangerous ex-husband.
Disco Inferno: April 1, 1976
Season 2 | Episode 2
As a stuntman in 1976, Sam tries to prevent the man's weaker brother (Kris Kamm) from performing a dangerous stunt to impress his father.
Machiko McKenzie: August 4, 1953
Season 2 | Episode 3
In 1953 Sam experiences bigotry and disapproval as a sailor who brings home a Japanese war bride (Leila Hee Olsen).
What Price Gloria?: October 16, 1961
Season 2 | Episode 4
When Sam becomes an attractive female secretary in 1961, he must deal with rampant sexism and his employer's lecherous advances.
Blind Faith: February 6, 1964
Season 2 | Episode 5
As a blind pianist in 1964, Sam has the chance to foil the murder of the musician's girlfriend (Cynthia Bain).
Good Morning, Peoria: September 9, 1959
Season 2 | Episode 6
In 1959 Sam becomes a disc jockey helping an FM station manager (Patricia Richardson) battle a puritanical reporter bent on obliterating rock 'n' roll.
Thou Shalt Not ...: February 2, 1974
Season 2 | Episode 7
Sam jumps into the life of a beleaguered rabbi who is desperately trying to reunite his torn family. Teri Hanauer and Russ Tamblyn guest star.
Jimmy: October 14, 1964
Season 2 | Episode 8
Sam becomes a mentally impaired dockworker whose sister-in-law (Laura Harrington) wants to put him in an institution.
So Help Me God: July 29, 1957
Season 2 | Episode 9
As a Southern lawyer in 1957, Sam defends a black housekeeper (Tyra Ferrell) accused of killing her employer and lover.
Catch a Falling Star: May 21, 1979
Season 2 | Episode 10
Sam assumes the existence of a stage understudy who must prevent a ruinous fall by the show's drunken lead (John Cullum).