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Genesis: September 13, 1956
Season 1 | Episode 1
After taking part in a time-travel experiment, Dr. Sam Beckett wakes up in 1956 as a test pilot who is about to fly an experimental craft at a world record speed.
Genesis: September 13, 1956
Season 1 | Episode 2
After testing the experimental craft, Sam rushes to save his wife (Jennifer Runyon) and unborn child.
Star-Crossed: June 15, 1972
Season 1 | Episode 3
Sam leaps into the persona of a womanizing college professor in 1972, encounters his lost love and attempts to reshape the past.
The Right Hand of God: October 24, 1974
Season 1 | Episode 4
Sam transmigrates into a boxer whose past fights were fixed by gangsters but whose present contract is held by nuns.
How the Tess Was Won: August 5, 1956
Season 1 | Episode 5
Sam finds himself on a Texas ranch in 1956 as a submissive veterinarian in love with a tough rancher.
Double Identity: November 8, 1965
Season 1 | Episode 6
Sam becomes a 1965 hit man whose romance with the godfather's (guest star Michael Genovese) girlfriend (guest star Terri Garber) places him in danger.
The Color of Truth: August 8, 1955
Season 1 | Episode 7
Sam experiences racism firsthand when he leaps into the body of an elderly black man in the pre-civil rights South of 1955.
Camikazi Kid: June 6, 1961
Season 1 | Episode 8
Sam becomes a teenage hot rodder in 1961, whose sister (Romy Windsor) is about to enter a regrettable marriage.
Play It Again, Seymour: April 14, 1953
Season 1 | Episode 9
Sam becomes a small-time detective who looks just like Humphrey Bogart in 1953, and he is suspected of murdering his partner.