Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes; Miss Lovecraft Sent Me; Hand of Borgus Weems; Phantom of What Opera?
Season 2 | Episode 1
A boy refuses to make another earthquake prediction; a baby-sitter flees; a man believes evil spirits possess his hand; a masked man kidnaps a woman.
Death in the Family; Merciful; Class of '99; Witches' Feast
Season 2 | Episode 2
A wounded gunman encounters a strange mortician; a couple makes a pact; a man teaches bigotry; a meal is incomplete.
Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay; With Apologies to Mr. Hyde; Flip Side of Satan
Season 2 | Episode 3
A witch, returned from the grave, seeks a new body; a man tries a drink; a ruthless disc jockey gets his due.
Fear of Spiders; Junior; Marmalade Wine; The Academy
Season 2 | Episode 4
A cruel lover sees a spider; a boy asks for water; a man seeks refuge from a storm; a father visits a military school.
Phantom Farmhouse; Silent Snow, Secret Snow
Season 2 | Episode 5
The murder of a hospital patient seems supernatural; snow falls in a boy's private world.
A Question of Fear; The Devil Is Not Mocked
Season 2 | Episode 6
A man bets $10,000 he can stay in a haunted house; a Nazi finds hospitality.
Midnight Never Ends; Brenda
Season 2 | Episode 7
A woman picks up a hitchhiker; an 11-year-old girl befriends a monster.
The Diary; A Matter of Semantics; Big Surprise; Professor Peabody's Last Lecture
Season 2 | Episode 8
A gossip columnist receives a diary from an ex-star; a vampire visits a blood bank; a farmer has a surprise; a professor invokes a god.
House -- With Ghost; Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank; Dr. Stringefellow's Rejuvenator; Hell's Bells
Season 2 | Episode 9
A man plots to eliminate his wife; Dracula finds a blonde; an ex-doctor challenges a slick medicine man; a man winds up in hell.
The Dark Boy; Keep in Touch -- We'll Think of Something
Season 2 | Episode 10
A rural schoolteacher sees visions of a dark boy; a man seeks his dream girl.