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Season 1 | Episode 1
Astronaut John Crichton is accidentally hurled across a universe and thrust into the middle of a space battle after his ship is swallowed by a wormhole.
Exodus From Genesis
Season 1 | Episode 2
Giant space-cockroaches invade the ship, infest the corridors and clog the vents, causing a rise in temperature which endangers Aeryn.
Back and Back and Back to the Future
Season 1 | Episode 3
A sensual alien seduces men to obtain a weapon of mass destruction; Crichton experiences mental flashes of the future.
Throne for a Loss
Season 1 | Episode 4
For trade with the Tavleks, Rygel (John Eccleston, Jonathan Hardy) takes a crystal essential to Moya's survival.
PK Tech Girl
Season 1 | Episode 5
Crichton and a female Peacekeeper Tech, left behind by Capt. Crais, join forces to save Moya when a race of scavengers attacks.
Thank God It's Friday, Again
Season 1 | Episode 6
Crichton must free D'Argo from the influence of a thought-altering plant.
I, E.T.
Season 1 | Episode 7
Moya crash-lands on a planet to avoid being traced by the Peacekeepers, and Crichton (Ben Browder) soon realizes that he has become an alien to the inhabitants.
That Old Black Magic
Season 1 | Episode 8
When an evil sorcerer engineers a deadly contest between Crichton and Crais, Zhaan must rouse a dark power within herself to rescue Crichton.
DNA Mad Scientist
Season 1 | Episode 9
When the crew seeks out a genetic scientist who can provide them with charts to their homeworlds, the scientist secretly injects Aeryn with Pilot's DNA.
They've Got a Secret
Season 1 | Episode 10
After D'Argo suffers a mishap during a maintenance check on Moya, he is tormented by flashbacks, and the ship strikes out at the crew.